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Introducing the Xcam

It's the highest quality sewer inspection video system in its class. The Xcam was designed for budget minded professional plumbers and contractors who understand the value that a quality sewer inspection video system brings to the table.

It's definitely a "Must Have" tool for serious industry professionals.

Xcam Camera Lens
X-Cam offers a rugged stainless steel self-leveling camera head to provide a picture that is always right side up. The camera head also contains a scratch resistant sapphire crystal lens and Lexan light ring.
Xcam Accessories
Optional accessories such as a Battery, Locator, Screen Writer and more are avalable to complete your system. The Xcam has everything a professional plumber needs at a price that can't be beat.
Made in North America
Made in North America, the Xcam not only meets, but exceeds industry standards every step of the way. The Xcam's quality and price are unbeatable and guaranteed.

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Experience a camera system unlike any other in its class. From its stylish look to its dependable performance Xcam delivers it all at a price that anyone can afford. ORDER NOW!

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